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Who we are.

Sesh-Technologies is a Spokane, Washington based developer and manufacturer dedicated to providing innovative solutions for commercial cannabis processing worldwide by applying advanced technologies. Our commercial-grade products dramatically increase the efficiency of Rosin extraction without harsh chemicals with the most advanced processing and packaging systems on the market.


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With our in-house engineers, product designers and machinist we are able to go from concept to production blazing fast with prototyping and testing done right on site which is invaluable in this ever changing market.


Our strategy is to design and develop the most advanced, easy to use commercial processing equipment to maximize our customers production, yield and packaging effort for faster to market times while increasing profits.


If you have a product idea or design you would like made just for you let us know. We can build you a specific piece of equipment or help you develop and idea you may have to help with your processing needs.


Please let us know how we can better serve you. We value input for our clients to assist us in creating the innovative products which meet your needs.

Work Smarter Not Harder