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FirstLease Special Offer!

Hey New Customers -- FirstLease is deferring payments until July 4, 2017 on the stm 4.0 Rosin Press financed through them for a limited time only!

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Sesh-Technologies Manufacturing has teamed up with FirstLease to offering leasing options on our products.

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Leasing FAQ’s:

Why Lease?

Equipment leasing can play an essential role in virtually every successful business strategy. Take a look at some of the key advantages.

Improved cash flow: Because of the sizeable cash outlay involved in equipment purchases, many businesses lease to conserve capital and budget more accurately into the future.

100% financing: With leasing, you can finance the total cost of the purchase, including items such as installation, maintenance and freight.

More flexibility: You choose the length of the lease and the amount of advance payment you’re prepared to make.

Tax benefits: Many businesses traditionally deduct their monthly lease payment as operating expense, thuse reducing the net cost of the lease. (Please consult your tax advisor for details.)

Easier than bank loans: Leasing can avoid requirements like compensating balances, large down payments, client list reviews and cash flow projections, making the finance process faster and easier.

What terms are available? Firstlease offers terms from 1 2 to 60 months. Other options and customized terms are available to qualified applicants.

How do I apply? The fastest way to apply is to complete the enclosed application for you or your dealer to submit. A decision on your application will be made quickly. Upon approval, documents will be sent to you electronically for your signature.

Will there be a balloon payment at the end of the lease? No. Our $1 Purchase Option allows you to own the equipment at the end of the lease for the nominal charge of $1 .00.

What other charges can I finance? You can include installation, maintenance and shipping to a lease (subject to credit approval).