stm 4.0 Rosin Press vs. the Others?

The Difference is in the Details!

"The Other Presses"

  • Non-Commercial Grade Use
  • Imported from China, re-purposed equipment
  • Inferior imported, low grade & unreliable Components
  • Low Volume, Low output processing
  • Return on Investment (ROI) can take months & usually years
  • NOT Ready, Assembly & additional parts often required
  • Clunky, Funky and takes up extra space
  • Takes Up to an Hour or Longer to Heat Up & Reach Op Temp
  • Dangerously Loud & Noisy
  • Slow, Laborious Cycle Times, Low Efficiency Output
  • NO Stainless Steel Casing, Often No Casing Protection
  • Uses small-sized steel or alum. & NOT Food Grade Quality
  • Single Heat Zone with Uneven Distribution
  • NOT OSHA & WSHA Compliant
  • NO Thermal Heat Barriers for Protection
  • Only Manual Operation
  • No Touch Screen (usually), Only Manual Control
  • NO Safety Barrier
  • NO Light Curtain Infrared Safety System
  • NO Emergency Stop Shutdown Button
  • NO Air Filtration Cleaning System
  • NO Comprehensive Warranty, Training or On-Site Service